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About Word Counter

About the Word Counter tool!

Whether you are a seasoned writer or a simple internet wanderer, we all live in the age of word counting.

Whether it's the character limit imposed by social media or the lengthy documents required by businesses, if you write words, you are working with text accounts whether you are aware of it or not.

    Twitter used to limit us to 140 characters, before switching to 280.
    Facebook doesn't let you post text longer than 63,206 characters, or even comment using more than 8,000 characters.
    And what about the 30 hashtag limit imposed by Instagram? The 2,200 limited characters they allow in your Instagram captions will even be truncated after just 125.
    We've even heard that in order for your blog post to rank first on Google, it should stay north of 1,800 words.

You see ? The era of character limits has truly arrived!

You should always stay the course, making sure your content stays within the boundaries of those relevant platforms ... so that you don't have to unintentionally reduce or increase your word count both ways, just to meet certain requirements. .

To do this, you need a text counting tool.

But there's more to using a word calculator than just helping you count the characters in a social media post.

Well, first of all, if you are wondering why you should use an online word counting tool, try counting the characters in your content manually. Before you get to row # 7, you will realize that the exercise is quite difficult, if not practically frustrating.

And besides, who wants to waste precious time counting a long document when you can easily get help from a tool like ours.

Discover our online word counting and research tool, Count Number of words with SosWeb. This is a smart word calculator that delivers results at a glance.


Word Finder is a tool we developed to help you find and calculate the characters in your written content.

It is designed to provide accurate results and indicate the length or brevity of your content.

But this free text counter is more than just a tool that tells you how many words and characters your content has. It is a sophisticated textual content analyzer, as you will find out in the section "HOW TO COUNT MY WORDS BY SeosWeb IS DIFFERENT" below.

This means that you can trust our tool to help you with your content-related projects, whether you are a professional copywriter, online entrepreneur, student, teacher, or just a social media explorer.


Our free word checker has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Although it is sophisticated enough to provide excellent results, it is EXTREMELY easy to use.

In fact, all you have to do is click on this link and paste your text in the text box provided. The tool will automatically start the scan and immediately show you the results.

You also have the option to download content directly from your hard drive or mobile device, depending on the device with which you access the word search tool. You can also download content from Google Drive and Dropbox.
How is SeosWeb Word Checker different?

Of course, there are plenty of text checkers out there, but our tool is extremely unique and better.

Apart from its user-friendly interface and ease of use, SeosWeb's Text Checker is loaded with features that you can hardly get from any other competing text counter online.

It doesn't just indicate the word count, it also does the following:

    It shows you the "Basic Letter Count Statistics" including the total number of words, the total number of characters with spaces, and the total number of characters without spaces.
    It shows you the "Density of the most important words" for 1, 2 and 3 words.
    It shows you the "Extra letter count statistics" including number of unique words, number of sentences, average word length, average sentence length, total number of paragraphs, etc.
    It shows you "length statistics" including number of short and long words, longest sentences, etc.
    With all these features, this tool is more than just a word counter, it is an analyzer of msophisticated and comprehensive textual content metrics.
     Oh, and you get it all completely FREE.